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Justin Stoddart is an advocate for well-paid professionals that bring more in value than they take in fee. He recognizes the urgent need to help inspire industry professionals to think bigger. As an industry challenger, educator and leader, Justin is intent on helping to reshape the value proposition of well-paid professionals so that they can have a life of success and significance, income and impact. 

He is host of the Think Bigger Real Estate Show where every day he interviews one of the biggest thinkers and highest achievers in the real estate industry. Justin is also an author and a nationally recognized, award-winning producer and speaker/trainer.

Over the past two decades, Justin has owned, ran and grown small businesses, becoming an expert and thought leader in marketing, branding and business strategy. 

Now, his day-to-day entails being knee-to-knee with professionals through individual or team consultations, trainings and masterminds. In these settings, Justin is positioned on the front lines to help identify the biggest challenges facing professional industries and the subsequent opportunities that always follow.

back story

 Justin was raised by entrepreneurial parents and as a result, was involved in business conversations as early as age five. This opened the door to business ventures and opportunities that funded many of his youth activities and his college education. 

In addition to his early entrepreneurial spirit, Justin cultivated an ability to lead and inspire others through his work ethic and motivational words as a high school state champion and collegiate athlete. Although he enjoyed playing on some great teams, some of his greatest growth came from the adversity of a broken leg, a broken shoulder blade and his family relocating to a new city midway through his Junior year in high school. Despite not being the biggest nor the most talented player on his teams, after every season in football, basketball and track, Justin’s coaches and teammates would award him the ‘Most Inspirational’ player award. He realized early on that inspiring and growing people was a gift that he wanted to pursue. 

A life shaping experience came to Justin between the ages of 19 and 21 as he served the people of Brazil. His experience taught him that growth, purpose, peace and true happiness come from serving and helping other people. From this experience overseas, he enjoyed many communication and leadership opportunities that continue to shape his life and career, including a desire to help as many as he can reach to recognize and pursue the potential that is within them. 

Upon his return from Brazil, Justin finished his Bachelor’s degree in construction management and business. He self-funded his college education by partnering with investors to flip homes, owning and operating a home services business and then working for a high-end home builder, which later led Justin to form is own high-end home building company. In 2007 his company built the featured home of the area’s Parade of Homes.

Despite rapid growth and success in the early to mid 2000’s in luxury home building, the market crash forced deep introspection and Justin came to realize that his passion wasn’t building homes, but rather building business and building people.

family man

While in college, Justin found  and married a tall, beautiful strawberry blonde from North Dakota. She has proven to be a superhero as they now have six children who are the most important people in their lives. In addition to providing their children with a comfortable and loving home, they aspire to teach and model the power of being “Big Thinkers”, by living the mantra: “Fill your mind with truth, your heart with love and your life with service.”

Even amidst his massive ambitions outside of the home, Justin believes that loving, leading and modeling  within the home will be the greatest work he will do.

the vision

If ‘Thinking Bigger’ seems difficult, scary, or unnecessary, I invite you to consider the scary situation that others find themselves in at this very moment. Justin found his burning why for ‘Thinking Bigger’ when he was introduced to Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit led by some of the bravest people to ever live.

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is a non-profit founded by Tim Ballard which assists governments around the world in the rescue of human trafficking and sex trafficking victims, with a special focus on children. O.U.R.’s ultimate goal is to eliminate Sex Trafficking world-wide.

Justin is committed to personally donating $1M to O.U.R. which will save and rehabilitating 100 children from sex-trafficking. In the process, he intends on inspiring the donations of an additional $9M, which will be the equivalent of saving 1,000,000 children.

You can learn more about this organization by going to ourfilm.org

Inspiring real estate industry professionals to THINK BIGGER so that their income, their freedom and their impact for good can also grow.  

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We help real estate agents grow themselves so that their businesses can follow suit, thereby giving them a better life, one with more options and greater impact.

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